Hello! My name is Chebet Naserian Kuntai. Welcome to my corner of the internet where I share my reflections on identity, mind & body politics and living in my purpose.  

Afrikan Wom_n

I identify as an Afrikan Wom_n from Nairobi, Kenya with the evolving conflicting core identities of Afrikanist Feminist Christian. As an Afrikanist, I am committed to doing my part to end racism and its manifestations especially on the Afrikan continent. As a feminist, I am devoted to the movement to end sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, sexist exploitation and oppression. As a Christian, I believe in the ultimate end of human suffering through faithful actions and the hope of eternal life. I am still learning and growing these identities and plan to share the journey under my Identity Work blog category.

You can check out these blogs: my names and clash of identities for more.

Content Creator

This blog in addition to my Youtube channel, Instagram platform and Chai with Chebet Newsletter is me finally embracing my love for content creation. I share stories, lessons and reflections from living fully and intentionally. I share these to channel my creativity and commune with those who may be on similar journeys.

Here’s a blogpost on how I started taking this seriously.

Urban Design Researcher

I am a multidisciplinary built environment professional who studied a BSc Honours in Quantity Surveying (Wits University) and an MSc in Building and Urban Design in Development (University College London). I aim to create more equitable urban and digital spaces.

Here’s a blogpost about how I ended up pursuing construction economics and management.

I am still evolving but I hope you now know me a bit better. I am all about connecting and communing so feel free to share who you are with me as well.

Welcome to my vulnerability! Karibu Sana!

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