Live your best life NOW

Before this year, my best life was going to start in my forties after I had secured bags and achieved ‘stability’. Maybe somewhere on a private jet, sipping on champagne on my way to the Maldives. However, recent events in my life have made me question why I think my forties or even tomorrow is guaranteed. I have also searched deeper and know that what I want goes beyond the cute superficial instagram dream. My best life is wholesome and mine. My best life demands to be lived now. Here are some ideas that try to describe it.

With my loved ones.  

I am in the company of people who mean the world to me. I am loving on them as they love on me. I am receiving their support and adoration even as I reciprocate the same. There is as much room for error and failure as there is for correction and growth. The environment created allows for vulnerability and trust. I can be me. I do not feel like I have to do anything all by myself. I feel safe and comfortable. I feel loved.

Savouring life

Whether it be delicious food or an unbelievably beautiful scenery I really sit with it, taste it, feel it, enjoy it – savour it. I also acknowledge and appreciate all the different processes that have made that moment possible. It could be the farmers that have nurtured the ground for every ingredient of that delicious meal or the activists that have preserved that space. I experience every thing anew. Full proper enjoyment is the motto.

Working purposefully.

I am a vessel for the full manifestation of God’s glory. I am listening and taking it a step at a time. I am doing everything with purpose and intention. It could be directly in line with my perceived purpose or I could infuse my purpose into it. Whatever the case, If it is not making the lives of my people ( Kenyan People | Afrikan People | Womxn ) objectively better; I am not doing it. 

Creating my joy

I am aware of my agency. Of my ability to heal myself of past traumas in order to create my own happy. Of my power to advocate for myself independent of any social status or milestone or body size or external acknowledgement. Of my capacity to draw boundaries and protect myself from harm as much as possible. In my best life taking care of my body, mind, soul and spirit is not a luxury but a priority.

Being a good custodian of my (social & physical) environments.

I move with full awareness that I am a part of a greater whole. That just as my body is an interdependent system, I exist in an ecology where my actions and inactions matter. I treat people and nature with respect and dignity. I speak and act out against oppressive systems that undermine this. I know that my role no matter how small or big is important.

Taking all the above into consideration my best life in my 40s (God-willing) is looking like me at a round table eating delicious sustainably sourced food 😋 with the people I love; laughing till we cry or crying till we laugh; in the middle of somewhere warm with lots of greenery and water; talking about all the wonderful ways we are finding meaning in this short but long life. I am also dressed in an Imara Mshana dress (had to say because I am my mothers daughter) and I feel deeply fulfilled.

The best part about this version of my best life is that it doesn’t need me to wait for a certain age, time or place. I lived a version of my best life today. I woke up and poured myself into purposeful work; communed with loved ones; made myself these hot dog rolls I had been craving; savoured every bite; watched a movie with a loved one; self-cared before getting to bed to finish up this blog post. My endeavour is to live a version of my best life every day till I die, so help me God!

What does your best life look like? Are you living it?

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