16 Nairobi restaurants I want to visit post-quarantine

I love love love food, people and beautiful spaces. That’s why eating out at a restaurant is one of my favourite things because it usually combines all the three. It is also why I enjoyed The Spread episode: A Restaurant Guide to dating in Nairobi. Kaz, Soni and Kaluhi gave some good restaurant recommendations on the podcast, most of which feature in this list.

I haven’t been to any of these restaurants yet. COVID-19 and its effects mean that we are still on “there’s food at home” mode. I am about to break and order a Mama Rocks burger though but until then we will try and make one at home with mummy. I think the same goes for all the meals that stood out from these restaurants. But because our dreams are still valid here’s my post-quarantine/social-distancing restaurants list:

  1. Inti, Waiyaki Way – Westlands

Inti was on my birthday month to-do-list for a mother-daughter dinner. Their instagram page is where I go to salivate. I think their view and decor is to die for! I can’t wait to dress up and go eat sushi there. Mummy is my date for this one.🤗

2. Blue Door, Kenrail Towers – Westlands

Blue door came highly recommended when I was shopping for my birthday dinner venue. I think it would be a great place to go eat and turn up with friends.

3. Wasp & Sprout, Loresho Ridge – Westlands

Boho Eatery is currently my favourite brunch spot but I have a feeling Wasp & Sprout could dethrone it. I’d also shop some things on their website for my future apartment (Amen?). Kaluhi recommended it for a first date and since I don’t see that happening soon😂 I wanna go there with my sisters.

4. About Thyme, Eldama Ravine Rd – Westlands

I got Talisman Restaurant vibes from About Thyme and I loved Talisman. I’d go there for dinner with a special friend.

5. Tapas Ceviche Bar, Westgate Mall – Westlands

I’d go here for happy hour because I think I would be very happy. And after listening to the podcast it would have to be a Wednesday night 😂.

6. Sierra Burger & Wine, Brookside Drive – Westlands

I have always dreamt about Sierra burgers. I’d order a beef burger with dry red wine. My cousin owes me a date here so that’s exactly who I am going there with. Soni specifically recommended the Brookside one so that’s the one we are going to boo😂.

7. Baobox , Westlands

I am curious about the concept of a board game café. It looks like it would be so much fun! Definitely the place to go hang out and bond with one of my friend groups.

8. Tokyo , Kolloh Rd – Lavington

I have only ever tried Haru restaurant’s sushi in Nairobi. It’s definitely a goal to try more restaurants and find my yamada sushi (fave sushi stop in Jozi) here in Nairobi. I want to see how this one goes. It has some nice outdoor vibes too. I just need to find out who in my circle is as crazy about sushi as me🤔

9. River cafe, Karura Forest

After my first forest bike ride, I want to go to this cafe and have a very healthy serving of cheese cake with tea. Oh! I need to go check if that’s on the menu first. There’s an auntie who owes me a Karura date so she is my date to this one. Hey auntie😏

10. Le Grenier a pain, Westlands

I think this is the most dangerous place on this list for me. Macarons! Croissants! Chocolate éclairs! Crepes! 🙆🏿‍♀️ I could eat everything on that menu! A place to go with one of my sweet tooth friends.

11. Coffee & Bagels, Kilimani

I am not a coffee person but I will go find out if coffee & bagels might convert me. I love the aesthetic and I am sure it smells heavenly. I have a cousin brother in mind for this one.

12. Kesh Kesh, Hurlingham

Injera! That’s all I am going to say.

13. Cultiva, Karen

I am in love with everything about this restaurant – the concept, the farm to table experience, the way the people who work there seem to enjoy it! Yaani this restaurant is even inspiring me to join my mummy in her setting up a garden endeavours!!! Also with most of these restaurants in Westlands, Cultiva is a plus for being within walking distance from home. I think my vegan friend would love this, if she did not already beat me to it.

14. Ankole Grill, Galana Rd – Kilimani

My sister-aunty stood in for us last year and took our mothers here for Mother’s day. She owes me a sunday Sundowner ( have y’all noticed the trend of how I plan to finance my eating out behaviours🙈🙃😉).

15. Karel T-Lounge, Village Market

They had me at their insta bio:”To inspire and nurture friendships while tasting healthy food…” One of my sisters recommended this one so it is going to be a date plus a Saturday Jazz session. It also looks like a cool event venue.

16. The Nook, Akamba Court – Hurlingham

The instagram pictures have put me inside the box and locked it (direct translation ting). Such a cute cosy place. I need to identify my lunch date for this one.

Okay, now I should work on a list of how I am going to make the money. Meanwhile, please let me know if there’s a restaurant that absolutely needs to be on this list!