April ’20

April came and went. It was a mixed bag but at least it was more predictable than March. At first I was just grateful to be alive and sane but writing this post made me dig deeper and alas! I am pleasantly surprised at how faithful God continues to be!

My sisters and cousin came back to Kenya on the last plane before lockdown. They went into quarantine for 14 days and those were some of the most stressful days for our family. Especially the two days when we had to wait for the results of their COVID tests. However, we pulled through by encouraging each other. And when they could finally be home we were overjoyed.


After three weeks of homeschooling we closed for Easter Holiday. In as much as homeschooling was fun and taught me many lessons, it was also exhausting. Therefore, the three-week holiday was very welcome. I reversed my sleep cycle bingeing on series – my ultimate guilty pleasure – and only dressed up when it was absolutely necessary. Like when we celebrated Easter with a family lunch fellowship🥰. At first I felt guilty for being absolutely useless (read finishing Money Heist 3 in two days). However, after I convinced myself that I needed it, I enjoyed it. Now that we are back in school until mid-June I am glad I paused.

Easter tea with mandazis

Kosena turned 20! My baby is no longer a teenager! We had so much fun that day. Kosena loves old R&B jams so we were inspired to throw it back to the 70s. It was fun dressing up and eating together. Then we had a dance and karaoke party which was so much fun! We are so blessed to have her in our life and I continue to pray that God will abundantly bless her 20s!

Gigabyte @ 20

Baby Bro turned 4 months! This baby has my whole heart, all of it! He is so adorable! He has a great appetite so I can already see us doing foodie things. He also makes the cutest gurgle sounds. The best thing has to be how he is now at that stage where we can make sounds or tickle him to make him laugh – priceless!

The number of cakes we ate in April though!

If I were to summarise April in a sentence it would be: we cooked, we baked and we ate. It all started when we discovered we had so many under-utilised kitchen equipment and then there was no stopping us from there. From ugali lasagna to bbq ribs to air fryed drumsticks to vege fritters to banana cake to bagels to custard cake to nutella brownies to carrot cake to bread rolls to pina colada cakes even to failed swiss meringue butter cream. Basically, if there was anything we craved and wanted to order the mums would challenge us to prepare it. While I am grateful for all the deliciousness April unlocked, I am even more grateful that I actually lost weight😂 Maybe it is the intermittent fasting or the playing with the kids. I don’t know but there is no greater feeling.

If I thought I bonded with my sisters in March then April launched a whole new level of bonding. There was a week where we turned the house into a salon by braiding hair and giving each other manicures and pedicures. Then there was all the dancing (quarantine has us over-celebrating everything) and movie watching. However, the fulling DMCs (Deep Meaningful Conversations) take the cup. Being at home together has unlocked such precious levels of vulnerability in our relationships with each other. I am so grateful that the seventh harmony is growing even tighter and stronger.

My sisters stay winning! Ratinoi interviewed Justice Edwin Cameron for an ALA executive seminar. I am so proud of how hard she worked to prepare for the interview. She was all types of eloquent, composed and smart interviewer goals. Here’s the link to the interview which was about Human Rights and Public Health in the time of Corona. And as if all that was not enough she went on to submit a 3000-worded final essay the next day!🙌🏿 I am also proud of Sereti who has religiously and diligently been following her revision schedule and will do incredibly well in her IGCSE assessments👸🏾. Kosena too is doing so well for her first year in university! And of course, Principal Odogwu’s students are just stars!🤩

I have enjoyed virtually bonding with my friends. I am usually not as good at initiating or answering texts or calls but COVID-19 has shown me that I can get good at anything, lol. There were zoom calls, birthday calls (Shout out to Sinovuyo and Joan for turning a year older) and the don’t rush me challenge (which was so much fun!). I really miss my friends and I am so grateful that we can lean on each other for love and support in this ‘what do you even call it’ season.

That challenge put me in such a baddie mood tho’! 😂

I joined a feminist theory book club on whatsapp. We are currently reading Bell Hooks’ Feminism is for Everybody and the picture above perfectly captures how the consciousness-raising conversations in that group make me feel. One of the gap year intentions was to engage with more texts and books on gender politics. Thanks to Lilian Mora, who set up the book club, I get to do that as well as have discussions around the ideas. Lilian also runs a blog, here’s the link.

Reading Dr. T: A Guide to Sexual Health and Pleasure and getting my long overdue comprehensive sex education was a definite highlight! With each page I got more shocked at just how many myths, misconceptions, misinformation and misinterpretations I held about sexual health and pleasure. The book is the science text book we should all have read when learning about the reproductive system. Anyway, I have highly recommended my older sisters to read the book. I am also thinking of ways to use it as a guide to answer all of my younger sisters’ questions about all things sex and womxnhood so I can hopefully save them all the trouble. I have also been enjoying The Sexually Liberated Woman podcast which my friend recommended as a complement to the book.

I have been wanting to learn Maasai for so long but I have not been as committed. However, this month while learning a sweet Maa lullaby for my bro my desire to seriously learn Maa was sparked. I am hoping to keep the fire burning by using the language book mummy gave me and practising with a weekly Maasai-only speaking day. Let’s see if I can hold a conversation in Maa by the end of May.

Eroro Kimaasai😊

I am grateful for all that April was. I have got circle of influence kinda goals for May and I cannot wait to thank God for helping me fulfill them in my next monthlying.

✨🌼Stay safe and kind🌼✨