February β€˜20

Hello! Is anybody home?😊

* takes down the cobwebs and starts dusting *

I have missed this and I think there’s no better way to start than with gratitude so here goes…

The end of this month marks the longest time I have been home in the past six years so the first thing I am grateful for has to be being back home. Home simply feels so good – the proximity to loved ones, yummy home food, speaking Swahili and many more.

My mummy, The Queen Mother turned Fifty Fine this month. It was the first birthday in a while where I wasn’t leaving for school on the day or the next one so I feel so honoured that I got to spoil her rotten (photoshoot, yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner surrounded by loved ones and a wonderful retreat in Tigoni). I continue to be grateful for her life and pray that her life is filled with good health, abundant love and overflowing joy.

Vas, my cousin-sister, friend and life roomie, also had her birthday and we had a wonderful dinner (both the food and conversations)! I am truly grateful for her life and our friendship. Here’s to many many more, babe!

Spending time with my sisters has been a definite highlight of this month. We have gone on runs together, shopped together and  studied together. I also feel so blessed that I get to cheer them on by attending their games.

My two aunties from the US also came to visit. We had such a great time exploring Nairobi and Narok together!

My baby brother had his first Valentine’s! He is the cutest, most adorable little human. He just makes my heart so happy! Aah! We made sure he tasted Art Cafe’s assorted caramel cake through breast milk (of course that’s how it works!).

For Valentine’s we also held a women’s conference, hehe! kidding, we got to celebrate someone else’s birthday. Definitely grateful for the new friendships I get to form and nourish now that I am back home.

Gogo Chebet (first grandchild privileges) also visited and we spent quality time. She has the funniest most wonderful stories and we would dance to Lemarti and Mwalimu Kendagor like every other day! So many relatives also came to see her and we had a wonderful time reconnecting.

I also got to attend my first Somali wedding this month. I kept on wondering when the groom would show up but I must say there’s nothing as glorious as women in their element turning up.

I am also grateful that I got to drive to and enjoy Naivasha courtesy of mummy (my birthday month started early).

Lastly, the nyama choma from this place called Manyatta in Narok was everything!!! I am so happy that I get to spend  the last day of February in such a dynamic town as I accompany mummy as she does good work.