October ’16

Ah! These last two months have been tough especially with the unstable situation on campus. There was so much to do in so little time, so much fear, so much trauma but hey! I am alive and only four days late to write about my thankings (last month I was the whole 31 days late).

For October, I am reminded of that last line of Desiderata:

“With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.”

In October I strived to be happy and to live one day at a time trusting that God to strengthen me…so here go my thankings.

So many of my special people had their birthdays on October: My first-born Namunyak turned 6(si ninazeeka lol), Daddy turned uhm err he became older, Arnold, Tevin, Thabisile, Dama, Dean Uzo and Ms D…fun times, I am so happy that they are growing and living. I remembered again just how blest I am to have them  in my life!

Namunyak is six 🙂 and she is now a mapengo! 
Yes, I am home sick…
Thabisile turned 19 and it was so special! I think every squad needs a Thabisile, the one who will remind y’all to pray, the one who will suggest squad Bible Study, the one who will push everyone to approach construction firms to learn and not rest on our laurels, the one who is willing to explore and travel, the one who is boundless in trying out new things…and when the squad gets a Thabisile, they must celebrate her in every way and that is exactly what the Foxy Five did 😉 I think that is what the rest of this post is about… 
I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this mamas! Aki ghai!
…and we healed, yaani! we were also flaunting 🙂
Yaani me and that braai…insert Zuma’s index fingers meme…
We chose roses on that day and all the thorns just disappeared, somehow…and she was so happy and we were so happy. we were all just really happy…
Song of the month was ‘Niroge’, haha! That is me katikaing to it…

Okay, I got too excited reminiscing Thabisile’s birthday…the below do not count for less.

I am just loving BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) as in it is such a great blessing. It also feels like Kenya when I join mum to her prayer meetings because the Jozi BSF is so full of loving, caring and beautiful mamas and I feel so favoured to be able to worship with them weekly. BSF also helped me get back to Bible reading as enjoyment and not as a chore. To God be the glory!

I am sure this was the month when all of Chimamanda’s day ones just basked in Chimamandaness if there is such a word. I have been ruminating and having convos on those her 15 suggestions and they blessed me so much.

i also finally finished Season 12 of Grey’s this month…felt like a rockstar, December will be lit as I catch up on all of them.

Yeah, I think that is mostly it…special shoutout to all my WhatsApp friends who just hold me, I don’t even know any other way of saying it.Thank you!

Off to queening those exams…heee! Did I say how Queen of Katwe blessed me…oh November 🙂