My Honia

I am waiting on sunrise, Mauritius would be incomplete if I didn’t see that deep orange hue spread across parts of the sky (but I think I am on the wrong side l) so am watching nature including the parapets( i know this word only because I am doing Construction) on the roof and thinking it would be nice if the rooms had access to the roofs but this my watchtower works😊

Am listening to Tiwa Savage’s ‘My darlin’ in addition to the birds chirping and I smile at the growth…before, sunrises and sunsets were the places I went to, to dream up big love castles in the air…on how many sunsets and sunrises we would watch and the many words we will exchange…let’s just say nowadays I laugh more at things like that funny facebook meme of the guy who changed locations of a “True Love” book from non-fiction to fiction and claimed to change lives.

I change the playlist to Asa…

The seaway separating the beautiful rooms becomes Honia. Of late, Life has been about finding parts of My Kameno. Unlike Muthoni, I wouldn’t go back for female  circumcision or the many other cultural practices which are deliberate about tearing down and locking up all of the woman form…but like her sister am torn on what is left to go back for.

I have gone back for my names, my language, my pride, for my lineage, some clothes and jewellery even though I still need to stop thinking that I can only dorn them as costumes on occasions. I am on the journey of taking back my language..I also went back for my hair,I think this is how it  all may have started, really. The truth is that I hate being a cultural appropriator of my very own culture, I think there is no greater disservice.

The elephant is dead, it was killed and we continue to dig away at its soul…and I am tired of picking up its hide and bones , trying to wear them like it is the elephant itself. Not anymore, To borrow a metaphor from the most amazing book I am reading right now, I think I must gather all its bones and hides, go dig them up then combine them with the bones I have now and then sing to them until the elephant lives again, this time even greater.

Oops, I think I am really on the wrong side of the sun rising, it has been nice watching the sky turn blue, regardless.IMG_6851IMG_6853