Cheblocs turn 2!

I’ve got the joy, joy, joy down in my heart!

I was remembering how I grew up thinking I have bad hair…something I internalised for such a long time. Bad in that it was the type that does not grow, the type that is not thick and full…the list was long. Well, today as I whipped my hair (because it is whip-able), I reminded myself that my hair was never bad…the chemicals were bad, the internalised hate was bad, the straining hairstyles were bad, the salonist who didn’t nurture my hair was bad…many things were bad but not my hair! not my skin! not me!

Here’s to my loctician, Kaluki-BITW!


Here’s to Cheblocs!

Here’s to everyone who acknowledges them, asks me all this ‘how’ questions and make them feel themselves 🙂

Here’s to my loc-buddies Wanjiru and Roselyn!

Here’s to my family and friends for dancing with me, singing with me, indulging me *kisses and hugs*

We (me and every last chebloc) love you!


p.s: I think this is an amazing time to say just how much I am loving on my mama’s new hair! wow! wow! wow! Also it feels so so good to be home!

Photo Credit: Saitoti Kijape (The bestest small brother in my planet).