April ’16

Rebirth! Rebirth! April has been the realisation that I will never stop growing and never stop having truths find their full meanings in me! If I could…oh I can…I call April 2016 the Lemonade Month! it was deeper sisterhood bonds, amazing family time and full of praying, slaying and playing moments. I am grateful! Here goes!

Lemonade! ‘Nuff said!
Cheblocs unveiled πŸ™‚
The short holiday in Kenya.We were laughing at churchill’s joke about how Maasai’s prefer to walk on foot when offered a lift…we were laughing even harder because we do not fit the stereotype…*sigh*
Kate and Mike’s Maasai blessing! Love this two!
Sister Magic πŸ™‚
I am so so happy to be surrounded by such wonderful women…my gratitude just grows with the awareness of what they mean to me πŸ™‚
My boo boo boo turned 16!From Kilobyte to Megabyte πŸ™‚