Questions for Ada by Umebinyuo

I am ever grateful for facebook and then for Waihuini for sharing all of Ijeoma Umebinyuo’s quotes on facebook and then for my inquiring on where I can find more of her which then led to me buying Umebinyuo’s book on Amazon.

As usual I binge-read it in one sitting,I think I was done in 2hours. I would read a line and go back to it and like take a moment to take it all in then read it aloud to myself then let it sink in again then finally highlight or screenshot it when it was too good to not share. Well, I ended up sharing 50 pages to my sisters’ whatsapps🙈Is that like copyrighting? Sigh! 

Anyway, I intend to go back to the book. It does and has done so many things to me, I do not even know where to start but here goes my attempt.

Those emotionally-packed poems made me feel enough. There was a lot of commentary on how we as women give away our power or let ourselves be controlled and reading through, the urge to reclaim myself overwhelmed me. I remembered how I came to drop ‘Shanice’ as a preferred name, what I call my African renaissance even as some call it an identity crisis😂😂😂I felt less lonely in the loneliness that is having to leave home. I felt more forgiveness for myself and my fellow women. I was shaken by the realisations of myself, my power, as I read the book. There was also the bitterness of the lessons that I didn’t have to learn or my heritage and histories that were stolen and continues to be stolen from me. Most of all there was just too much, no enough, love in the book. That unconditional and pure love for my flawed self.

I doubt that my reviews are that reliable but this one is definitely worth reading so do enjoy🍋 for womanhood, for africanness, for decolonisation, for the joy of sisterhood, for healing and for the beauty that is poetry!

This one was my favourite, would have shared more but I am still anxious about what borders on copyrighting but also it will be good for you to buy yourself a copy 🍋