It will not be long…

Let me just say that it won’t be long.

We are hitting the rock bottom after the rock bottom and we demand to live and exist!

We are forgiving ourselves for the sins we were taught we commit by being

We are talking more, acting more, being more, living more and occupying more space.

The space that has always been ours…So it won’t be long

Till I can walk in Jozi CBD without needing a male companion…

Till you can no longer circumcise my sisters to keep them clean and pure as you find more subtle ways to police my sexuality, me the uncircumcised one.

Till the idea of you harassing me in the streets by asking for my number or something is just as absurd as it is when am the one doing so to you.

Till the rapist is the one who has to answer all the questions…

Red my lips! It will not be long!