On the absurdism of men-criminating…

Lately, I have been a bit too reluctant,maybe just a bit too lazy to share my thoughts and feelings. Honestly, it gets exhausting and sometimes I am content with just venting onto my journal or girlfriends because that way I fail to see myself as that whiny complaining woman…then I saw this ‘Humans of New York’ post about the calmer guy telling the infuriated one to cool down and as usual I went down to the comments, the below interpretation of Frozen drove my decision to write this post…

every time I think of quitting facebook, i imagine all the HONY posts I will miss and just drop the idea😄




I think this blog is one of my many channels of conscious power , so here goes I💃🏾

Tag or no tag, I am a feminist. Perhaps, that is why my friends tag me on most of these posts. The #DontMancriminate post, although almost a year late, was no exception. I looked at it just before class started and I was appalled. I shared it with my two friends and asked them what they thought. One especially felt the struggle of the guy who had to give away half of his belongings after divorce yet the woman was more to blame. The other mirrored my thoughts, that the bigger picture of the fact that the oppressed are women gets lost in such campaigns and me I just went on a rant there and then, and now here.

As in like what the hell? 1) I never thought it was possible to detest Brad Pitt’s face until I saw the words “When we do not discriminate against a pussy why do you?” plastered on his mouth? Wait, what? you do not discriminate my pussy, vagina? Okay. I get the frustration with the pressure to have a certain type of penis, it is one I know fully well, especially from the experience with how tight my vagina should be, how huge my breasts should be, how long my legs should be,how hairless I should be, how rounded my buttocks should be, how long and silky my hair…it really does go on and on. 2)Then there is the guy who is tired of chivalry 🙂 Chivalry is like the only reward of patriarchy! Really though, I do not want you opening doors and carrying my luggage solely because I am a woman, do it out of courtesy, but if you are busy forcing me to do other woman-ly(if there is such a word) things for you because you are a man, well… 3)Ati now men want free drinks and free entry into clubs, okay, fair enough. Harsh economy and free things…makes sense but do you know that there is no such thing as ‘free lunch’? Do you know what that woman uses to pay for her free drinks and entry into the clubs? Would you like the whole package? 4)As for sex, I will admit that I have grown up in a culture where men have been described to me as aggressive over-sexed animals, only caring for the physical and ready to pounce. A lesson I have been unlearning, that stereotype is in deed unfair but really what has attacking my sexual liberation got to do with it? 5)The product discrimination one was amusing. So there are some men that find the fact that make-up, heels and “blondness as hair colour” is only sold to women(not entirely true though), unfair? I find that the fact that such are even sold unfair in the first place. Do you even know how problematic constantly being analysed for my appearance is? What it does to my self-esteem? Heeee! If you want make-up and heels, take! take! take! I am honestly tired of having to conceal my “flaws” or what I have been taught to regard as flaws in order to be viable for societal consumption.Shooh! This is tiring, mehn!

I always see the gender inequality in a similar way as racial inequality and I felt the same anger at #DontMendiscriminate  that I felt when some privileged people went all #AllLivesMatter to counter #BlackLivesMatter. Of course all lives matter, dah! Of course men must be judged by the content of their character above all else, dah! Of course men must not be assaulted or beaten up or dealt with the same assumptions that women are, daaaah!Of course men suffer under patriarchy ,what with not being allowed to feel or be vulnerable and having to subscribe to the caricature of masculinity that is fragile egos and false macho among other things…daaaaaaaaah! We are trying to make these ofcourses for women too! That is why we are crushing the patriarchy!!! DAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Meanwhile, we will not apologise for placing most of our focus on ourselves, the group that is under the direct oppression of the patriarchy. Maybe if you empathise more you will realise that our freedom will actually work to your advantage as well.

Of course, I went on some binge-watching and reading spree on the internet about the responses, I have found that this sometimes saves me the trouble of reinventing the wheel. this tweet just sums it up for me…

‘Cuz I am a Buzzfeeder: http://www.buzzfeed.com/regajha/dont-mancriminate#.ymQ07ox5o