March ’16

March Thankings

I am writing this on my way to Kenya (the joys of an almost empty plane 🙂 ) and I think this has ,without a doubt, been the most amazing Birthday month of my life. There was such an Aleph to it, everything seemed to be working out just as it should.

That said, it wasn’t effortless. I am learning to take pride in being a hard worker. At some point in the month my thoughts, whatsapp texts and conversations were full of whinings about how hard I had to work in University until I had a realisation in the form of the post below, just “Whining is prohibited.” and henceforth it became harder to complain about how hard the days were. 

 In a world where we are obsessed with making everything easier, I realised that I had internalised the notion that hard work is undesirable unless you were working hard in order to make it simpler for yourself in the future. However,I have realised the joy that is working hard. I realised that to live each day to the fullest while fully maximising my potential takes hard work and nothing is more fulfilling than exhausting each day. I must say that part of this attitude has come from staying with two of the most hard working people I have met.

Now to the thankings…
A gracious birthday. 

 Settling in university and having those slay-a-licious Assignment and test results to prove it.

Being graciously hosted by the Fitzgeralds and all the good times that came with it from movies to the most wonderful dinners.

Finding home at Brixton. The commute will be reduced from 1.5 hrs to 15 mins and nothing could make me happier( more time to study and sleep 🙂 and maybe some swimming and dancing?). The girls I am house-sharing with also seem nice and looking forward to making some friends.

Meeting Ms D at Maboneng

Amazing times with Sisi.

Lovely conversations with the sedimentary friends…With all the weathering that time and distance courses I still always have someone I can bare my soul to and feel home with.

Now, I will let the pictures speak now…

Finding Home
Happy reunions
very very happy reunions
playful reunions