Coming back

The future is unpredictable, at least most times. For me, the question of coming back to TransMara is my predictable. It is almost as if I cannot wait to be done with this degree mathings so that I may come back home and for good. Whatever I will be doing whether project management or quantity surveying, governing or making chocolate I do not want to do it far from my Trans Mara.

This one night in the beautiful Mara has just reinforced that. As a friend’s Maasai blessing happened and I witnessed the warmth and vibrance of my people and the unadaltered beauty of our natural environment I asked myself,” what more could I want?” Of course some of the adults in my life usually give me that “You will know when you grow up” look when I go on my “I wanna live and die in TransMara” rambles… well, I say, let us wait and see but if God shall put it in my control,which I hope he does, I will be back here as soon as they hand me that degree😊 …because this is home.