My name is Cheblocs and I am about 1 year and 9 months old. My birthday is on the 24th of June, my mama will just have finished her exams so I hope we will get time to celebrate.

Today is special because she finally removed those extensions,which I never really liked in the first place. She could say what she may but She connected me to those stranger’s locs because she did not like me all short,fluffy and waxy. Alright,to be fair maybe her family and society started this dislike. There were all this uncalled for comments about how the awkward stage should pass faster. Sometimes I wish they would all have regarded my younger self with the same awe and admiration as they did after I got my extensions. I really think short or long should be a matter of style and not a standard of lady-likeness. Changing this ideal beauty standard is something mama is passionate about but I think she now realizes   that part of this change is embracing herself as she is first.

I remember that mama never much liked the extensions in the beginning,she pretended but she is not a very good pretender. Every time someone would compliment us she would go like,”Eh! Really? Oh,thank you! It is just that they are so pale and have so many weak points.” Eh! Don’t get me started on the weak points. Mama being a first time mother to locs had no experience whatsoever when buying me those extensions. The hair texture of the extensions was so much thicker than my own and the loctician who did it had no sense. That loctican connected the thickest ones to my sensitive hairline locs and the results were disastrous. I remember the time mama was so sad she wanted to even chop me off and just start a fresh. Those days she vocally longed for her TWAs left me feeling so inadequate.

Okay, I think you will not like me so much because I have just been complaining but we had some good times,me and those extensions. Mama loved hugging and kissing us(yeah,she can get a bit embarrassing) now that we were long enough. I will also miss those buns and coils we did. Mama was also able to try out all those pinterest styles and as with many things on pinterest,some only looked good in pictures. Like that day she dyed us red and the extensions refused to take to the colour as strongly as I did😂😂😂 In addition to the styles,mama also grew closer to her loctician,Kaluki. That lady worked miracles on me,she gave me body and would not twist my roots to thining. She was ever gentle and gracious and she taught mama a great deal of patience. Nowadays, I have seen that mama is using this mindset she got from her experience with me in other areas, for example instead of beating herself up and destroying something when it does not turn out as she wanted, mama patiently works at it until it turns out as it should.

of fun selfies…


i will miss the buns…


mama has promised more scarves💃🏾


so many True Loves later…


mama loved to whip those extensions😊

Back to today, This is the happiest I have made mama.Her happiness has come with a lot of promises. She has promised to be more religious about nourishing me with those her organic oils and I am happier that she will wash me more often. She also said that she will take such good care of me that I will not thin. She even has a mantra, “Grow you sideways and upways.”(Mama loves to coin her own words).The other lovely part is that we can now go for swimming more often. On my side, I feel free and lighter😊 and while I may miss the extensions am glad I can simply be, grow at my own pace, and make mama happy and beautiful on her terms.

The journey has been beautiful. Sometimes,the less the stress ,the better the growth😊


mama is feeling so Asa-licious😊 my mama is fine,If I may say so myself.


she was googling Asa as The extensions fell one by one and telling Kaluki,”Ah, I look like Asa.”


I would say started from the bottom but there is nothing bottom about this. I was thin and now I am thick,was short but now I am long. I have just grown😊