Something Beautiful!

Something beautiful…I just want something beautiful!

Something like Sandra Bullock’s Birkin bag wit those Louboutins and Adele Dejak’s chunky bracelets and those beautiful head wraps on Instagram and Craving Yellow’s page.

Something like me being able to fix a meal fit to be on an African Masterchef with a table full of friends and laughter.

Something like “…Don’t take this the wrong way but you are a very beautiful woman…”Ah mehn, something like  Andrew Paxton in the proposal.

Something like a strong sisterhood.

Something like excellence, faith, hope and love in everything I touch.

Something like making the world a better place.

Something like beautiful culture and traditions, a lovely and powerful  combination of what I have left from what was stolen and what I had to accept after the stealing.

Something like a strong and beautiful mind, body, soul and spirit.

Something like pure happiness. something like joy.

I am realising these somethings take work, they never just come. I guess that is why I am deriving so much joy from all the rigour of university.

Bullock in The Proposal is just just…

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Lastly,the song below is my  one more beautiful thing, my “I will pass that Physics test on Wednesday” song…