February ’16

I stopped feeling guilty about failing to write regularly but I can’t stop feeling guilty if I fail to update my monthly gratitude picture list. I really try to thank God for all the good, bad and in-betweens in the way I live, in prayer and in writing and this monthly ones feel like the icing on the cake so here goes…

February 2016, I will never forget you. You were my month of the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. You brought with you heart-wrenching depression only to follow it up with infinite joy. You taught me to value dullness such as those lonely uneventful afternoons with food network just as much as I value brightness, such as that beautiful Valentine’s night with the most lovely women. You saw me complete my Bachelor of Life in Living from mummy university. You brought with you a new world aka university and new friends, acquaintances and enemies. You taught me patience  through the South African High Commission. You showed me love through all the support I got from family and friends. You were a darling. Thank you!


This is me before my first Communication Skills Tutorial trying to be a photographer. The first week in university saw me carry around my cute notebook until I realised it was too heavy. Nowadays, it is a folder and loose-leaf pads. Yes, uni happened.


My sandal broke and I spent the whole day bare-footed, that day I learnt a valuable lesson: In University no one cares, everyone is doing what they are there to do so do you boo! This is when I still had time to waste photographing my feet.


Sema health goals…those have been my lunches. Finally, I learnt the secret to enjoying salad-it is all in the olive oil and vinegar-mmmmh!


Already finding favourite spots…I love to have lunch here. Today, there was this girlfriend group discussing feminism next to me…I hope March/April comes with such awesome girlfriends…


If I could only smell one more smell…it would be the smell of coffee-ah mehn!


Sometimes, feminism confuses me…but this picture simply reminds me why I am one. It is in the sisterhood and in the constant overcoming of all the challenges patriarchy has put in place for us.


This is my god mother Bongie…now pray to God to enable you to meet her.


so it is all in the olive oil, vinegar and how could I forget! the CHEESE!

Missing pictures of the loveliest Valentine’s weekend ever. I had a date with Simatwo who spoiled me with roses, chocolates and my looney tunes pillow(which helps me rauka in the morning 🙂 ); followed by a comedy night at Carnivore-felt so good to be consciously consuming Kenyan art at ‘Because You Said So’;followed by amazing dinner with akina mummy, Sianto and Kosena and that lovely mamas breakfast…ah mehn! I am blessed.

Oh, I found some…

That mama is funny like no one’s business…heeeheee!
Laughter, laughter and more laughter…then some selfies and love so that we never forget…