Crushing ice

Today I remembered this amazing evening:
My girlfriends and I finally decide to chat away the evening at good ol’ Patapata. So here we are sipping on our deception drinks.
Okay pause, I need to explain deception drinks:  ‘Deception drinks’ a term coined by me after Wonsun brought to our attention the use of ice cubes to make our virgin mojitos look much, I mean the real drink can be sipped in one minute but am done venting, at least about the mojito.
…and alas this drunk guy starts trying to get Natasha’s attention. Natasha is clearly clearly not interested, she is too engrossed with us, hehe. But no, this guy doesn’t know how to or decided not to read any cues. With time he comes with the whole chair to talk with Natasha and that’s when we outrightly tell him off. Minutes later he goes with a “If not for your friends, I would have liked to know you more cuz I like you and you could be my girlfriend.”

After he leaves, we start crushing the ice of our deception drinks and start lamenting. Even if we were as drunk, we would think twice before doing what that guy just did. Maybe am the one not conversant with late-night restaurant norms


but aaiiisht some norms need changing then!