The dance of reality and ideals

Sometimes I just feel like it is me and my philosophies. You know those high and beautiful ideals that every fibre of my base-instinct-self rejects. Ideals like:
Living every single day with my heart, soul and mind countered by Worry about the future and regret the past in the present
Be patient and wait, wait for love, wait for pleasure, wait for the best countered by get it done now or have the pleasure now.
Trust in God countered by trust in yourself it is foolish to depend on anything other than yourself.
Live with your hands wide open to give, receive and embrace countered by this world is dangerous you can’t be that naive.
Be generous and share countered by save for yourself this world is all about survival for the fittest and getting to the top of that Maslow.
Oh well, this reminds me of me not be given of this world but simply in the world. Hence by God I will continue to pursue these ideals and still be aware of the reality and especially of the power of my ideals to change my reality.
C’est possible!