It felt nice…

It felt nice to dress up for me
In what I truly thought looked beautiful on me and not what i was taught looked beautiful on me
It felt nice to reply to “Where are your girlfriends?” with “It is an alone date.”
It felt nice to dine alone
It felt nice to be alone, at first it was lonely and the next table’s attempt to befriend me was welcomed but with time I wanted to freeze in this time,
For it was nice to finally be home.
Home in self and happy with self.
It was nice to actually love and celebrate self in action after doing it so many times in word…
Here’s to many more 🙂

Mummy, I am in love with this heels and so are my feet.
It had to be sushi!
This look was heavily inspired by Lupita on vogue this day I will be as good at make-up as Nick Barose but today I discovered that my skin doesn't really need foundation and what a bliss!
And a cappuccino to crown it all...

Oh it is failure day: my failure has got to be to not have done this actual self-love thing earlier.