OS!M- Oh Shit! Moments
They have been many and I think I am convinced that the way to living deliberately is to have many many more OS!Ms
I am talking about the moments when you realise there is no returning or procastinating. When you realise that the only direction to take is forward. I learnt about this term earlier today as I watched this leadership seminar by (I will find out). The moments of no return, when it is do or do.
I have had a few this Gap-7Months one being finally getting to commiting to my blog and needing to write daily and another being signing my tenant-landlord agreement as I will be living alone. I think my latest OS!M was when I had walked all the way to Galleria to buy cheese and arrived home so tired but still had to bake and make Cheese cake and Tiramisu.

Yum yum cheesecake

Yum yum cheesecake

I need more OS!Ms especially with the projects I agree to join. I need to take my commitments to a point of no return where I am all invested and I am doing or doing! Here’s to OS!Ms, May I have many more…