There’s something about this woman that I just can’t explain. What I can explain is that I love to read her books. I love the complex and true stories with thousands of facets and not just two. It isn’t just in her writing. I love how she walks her talk and with courage. I love that she tell her stories as she knows them and there’s so much power in that.

So earlier this month she spoke in what was my dream school, Wellesley, and I want to have these notes for life so here goes.

This world is in need of feminists. Feminists who will:

  • Show the world that vulnerability is a human thing not a woman’s thing.
  • Write articles: Men, how to keep a woman happy!
  • who will ask, “Hey man, how do you balance family and work?”
  • ensure parenting guilt is shared equally
  • see to paid paternity leave
  • Hire more women and she doesn’t have to be exceptionally good.
  • Make feminism a big ruckus all-inclusive party

Likeability stops us so screw it.

We may not change the world but we should at least try.

As a woman I must learn to receive or take love even as I give it.

I must focus on the things that truly matter.

P.S: Chimamanda is like the love of my life. Thank you Chimamanda.