The roots of my chocoholism

I have always loved chocolate and at Alliance Girls High School, I would look forward to the Cadbury chocolate bar more than I did to my mum on visiting days. This love for chocolate grew into a passion in my Creative Arts class when Mr. Peter introduced us to Yswara, a company that made luxury tea. After Yswara I started having all sorts of visions about my chocolate factory which were heavily inspired by Roald Dahls’ Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. I knew that this was all a big joke until Ms. Zsofia prompted me during our Self Leadership Coaching Sessions to make goals towards my chocolate factory. I was elated when even Mr. Bradford loved the idea of an African Chocolate factory and soon my dream stopped being a joke. Ms. Zsofia helped me see how my chocolate factory could feed into my other passion of feminism. I am happy that I will be interning with Yswara during my half a gap year and I know that one day I will start my chocolate factory some place in Uganda or if that does not happen I will help build the ones that will be in existence.